Professional experiences and Positions held

  • Visiting  Fellow at Dept. of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Sciences, Banglore. (Nov.1994) & (May-June 1997)
  •  Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Bombay College of Pharmacy (Sept 1986 to July 1992)
  •  Asst Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Bombay College of Pharmacy  (Aug. 1992 to July 1997)
  •  Professor of  Pharmaceutical Chemistry at  Bombay College of Pharmacy (Aug. 1997-till date)
  • Chairman of the Ad-hoc Board of Studies for Pharmacy at the University of Mumbai. (2012-2015)

More about the Principal Investigator

Consultancy Activities

  • 2015: Springbank Pharmaceuticals (USA) for studies on Anti-infective targets.
  • 2014: BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) for In silico estimation of drug resistance.
  • 2012: Alchem Pvt Limited for Structure-based drug design.
  • 2009: USV Pharma for the Molecular dynamic study of peptides.
  • 2004: Biocon Limited for Training in structure determination of peptides by NMR.
  • 2003:  AstraZeneca India Pvt. Ltd for Solution structure of the N-terminal sequence of a bacterial protein by 2D-NMR and molecular modelling methods.
  • 1997: Ciba Specialty Chem. Ltd forSemi-empirical and forcefield calculations of organic molecules.
  • 1996: Alchemie Research Centre for Molecular modelling and quantum mechanical calculations of organic molecules.
  • 1994: Wockhardt Ltd for Computer-aided molecular design and computational chemistry.


Member of important committees and panels

  • Member of the “Cluster Development Core Committee”, Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India, 2004.
  • Member of the Program Advisory Committee of the National Facility for High Field NMR, TIFR, 2003.

  • Member of Expert Committee of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) Western region for inspection of Pharmacy colleges in India.

  • Member of the Expert Committee of Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi for recruitment of pharmacy teachers in India.

  • Member of the Expert Committee for LIC inspection of technical institutes in India.

  • Member of the Expert Committee for PCI inspection of Pharmacy institutes in India.

Awards and Honours

  • Elsevier's ' Most cited paper award 2008 for the paper "Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2006;14(21):7302-10".
  • Cipla Distinguished Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences by University Institute of Chemical Technology, Nov. 2003.
  • University Grants Commission (UGC) Research Award, May 1999.
  • Resident Scholarship to the 1998 Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, USA, June 8 –12, 1998.
  • Career Award for Young Teachers, All India Council of Technical Education, 1995.
  • PAMDAL Best Teacher Award for Pharmacy Colleges in Bombay, 1993.
  • First Rank in Bombay University at the B.Sc. (Tech.) Exam., 1984.
  • Nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to the Senate and Students Council of Bombay University, 1984-85.
  • The Dr. M. K. Rangnekar Memorial Bronze Medal, 1984.
  • The Prof. M. L. Khorana Memorial Prize, 1984.
  • The Prof. J. G. Kane Memorial Prize, 1984.
  • The Mrs. R. B. Forster Book Prize, 1984.
  • The Mrs. Soonabhai Dadabhoy Master Scholarship in Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals, 1984.
  • IDMA – G. P. Nair Award, 1984.
  • Naunihal Foundation Scholarship, 1981-84.
  • The Shri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj Scholarship 1982-84.
  • University Grants Commission – Junior Research Fellowship 1984-86.
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